BOD: Jeannette Mulhern

Jeannette Mulhern currently works at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, CA as Faculty in the Early Childhood, Education, and Family Department. She absolutely loves her college and the relationships with her colleagues! Jeannette’s time working and running a program for over fifteen years, combined with a wealth of other roles in program and support, have provided experience which she values and draws on regularly.

Learning stories seemed to “click” right in place with Jeanette’s personal philosophy and values held for children and families. She fell in love with the authentic connection they build between the child and their family, child/family and their teacher, and between educators. Jeannette’s college faculty worked to implement Learning Stories in their coursework. It wasn’t until, with the support of Dr. Annie White, the faculty and child development lab educators co-trained and implemented Learning Stories together that the power of Learning Stories was seen. Not only did this assessment provide a way to document essential elements of children’s lives, but through this shared exploration, trust and inter-dependency was built. The team has passion to continue to scale their use of Learning Stories through college coursework and the children’s classroom of the lab while continuing to expand the use of Learning Stories.

An additional role Jeannette has is certification as a Child Life Specialist in pediatric settings. She brings her education and experience with child and family trauma into her work which expands her practice in early childhood beyond classroom settings and across age groups.