SALSA Origin

First USA Learning Stories Intensive study in New Zealand. Dr. Annie White organized 9 participants from California to study in New Zealand with Wendy Lee and the Educational Leadership Project (ELP) team. The LS Intensive Study participants included Regan Bynder, Dr. Chris Carducci, Isauro Escamilla, Annette Muse, Lorena Ramos, Dr. Lygia Stebbing, Joyce Stone, Leslie Voss, and Dr. Annie White. Study participants attended the 2017 Learning Stories conference and visited NZ early childhood centers.

During the New Zealand LS Intensive study, the group strategized next steps and how to support advancing Learning Stories in California and beyond to the USA. Collaboratively, the group decided to host two Learning Stories conferences in CA, with plans to launch an annual Learning Stories conference in the USA. The name “SALSA” Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America was suggested by 2017 LS Intensive study participant, Joyce Stone. The group unanimously loved the name and the birth of SALSA followed.