SALSA Learning Stories Conference 2021

Hosted by Hilltop Children’s Center in partnership with SALSA

The 3rd Annual National Learning Stories conference will be held in beautiful Seattle, Washington from Thursday, June 24th – Saturday, June 26th, 2021.

Conference keynotes include Wendy Lee and Dr. Annie White.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event!

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Conference Details:

Building off of the strengths, impact, and values that are synonymous with Learning Stories, a form of documentation that originated in New Zealand, we are excited to bring to the Pacific Northwest, a conference designed to stimulate and support the cultural, spiritual, academic and social learning of the next generation of leaders, social activists, inventors, artists and thinkers.

“The System Wasn’t Built for Us: Confronting and Challenging Injustices in ECE” focuses on ways we can supplant our current system with one that places on anti-racism and racial equity at the core of our institutions, pedagogy, and practices.

To help support us in this goal, workshops and breakout sessions will focus on the three areas of responsiveness: Cultural, Pedagogical and Developmental. It is through these three lens will we find creative solutions to the issues facing our field, be inspired and empowered to advocate for a new way of working in partnership with children and families, embraces the values and contributions of individuals from marginalized groups and encourage reflection and responsiveness in our work.

Join us for three days of progressive rounds of dialogue, where we will generate strategies for building a community of Early Learning professionals who will work to advance this field in innovative, robust and nuanced ways.