BOD: Dr. Annie White

Dr. Annie White is an Assistant Professor with the Early Childhood Studies program at California State University Channel Islands where she teaches early childhood courses. She has extensive work experience with the Head Start Program, and is an advocate for infant and toddler, preschool, and family childcare teachers throughout California. In addition, to her current work as a University professor, she has prior experience teaching early childhood education courses at California Community Colleges and early childhood education consultant to further advance the early education and care workforce.

Dr. White is part of an innovate Early Childhood Studies program at California State University Channel Islands where Learning Stories are used as the primary assessment approach in all of the early childhood curriculum and assessment courses. Dr. White is passionate about Learning Stories and incorporates the formative assessment approach in her University courses including student practicum, student own learner identity through “My Story”, final course self-assessment, interdisciplinary courses, study abroad, and as part of community service learning.

Dr. White has conducted research in the United States on Learning Stories with Head Start programs, homeless shelter child care centers, infant and toddler programs, higher education, and diverse family child care homes. Her Learning Stories research findings is having a positive impact, influencing policy and assessment practices in California. Dr. White’s research interest include how Learning Stories transform relationships, strengthen family engagement, and provide a new pathway to address the pressures early childhood teachers are facing with the focused attention on school readiness, high stakes testing, and data driven accountability movement.  

Dr. White has participated on numerous international study tours, including New Zealand with focused inquiry on Learning Stories.  Dr. White is a life longer learner, scholar practitioner, and holds a doctorate in Leadership in Education from University of California, Davis and Sonoma State University.

Dr. Annie White lives in northern California with her husband and granddaughter. She also lives in southern California and has a University “family” who support her passionate work with Learning Stories.